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Vision --  To create a community where all can thrive. 
Mission -- To comprehensively address the wellbeing in our community.
The Wellbeing Coalition of Westfield exists to address the social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing of our community so all of our residents can thrive. The Wellbeing Coalition of Westfield supports non-profits and other organizations in Westfield with leadership and coordination, to help them serve individuals and boost wellbeing. Based on the results of a survey conducted in March 2020, we have narrowed our focused to target three main areas:
  • Mental Health - The mental health committee will work to increase access to mental health support and promote a stigma free community.
  • Community Connections – The community connections committee will promote community events where residents can connect with groups of people.
  • Community Outreach – The Community Outreach committee will promote awareness, advocacy, and equitable access to community and nonprofit resources 
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